In Season Mom

About Cynthia

I’m a firm believer that there are different seasons in every person’s life,” says Cynthia, founder of InSeason Mom, featured by MSNBC and recognized by CBS New York as a leading resource for first time moms after 35. “The key is never allowing another person’s season to determine where you should be in your season of life.”

Cynthia says her season to get married and give birth to children came years after age 35.

“I got married for the first time at age 40 to Larry, my best male friend of 10+ years. We got married on the lovely island of Jamaica. The story of our marriage has all the drama and comedy that makes a great made-for-television movie. I conceived the old-fashioned way and gave birth at age 42 and 44 to two beautiful healthy baby girls.”

Cynthia says during the birth of her daughters she made two important discoveries:

  1.  The population of first time moms over 35 is growing in the U.S.
  2. Most health care providers offer little or no positive information or support for older expectant moms.

Having made these discoveries, Cynthia who has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and 20+ years professional writing founded InSeason Mom to support expectant moms over 35 and 40. She also wrote and marketed Ease Your Fear of Giving Birth After 35 as a seminar.

She found her first success presenting the seminar at a major Southeastern hospital. The hospital also trained her as a Childbirth Instructor.

“I do not tell women to wait until age 35 to conceive. I do provide support during their season of having a baby if they are over 35 and in their 40s.   My goal is to ease the fear of the first time expectant mom, to dispel misconceptions about giving birth after 35,” says Cynthia. ” I want her to have emotional support as she works with her health care professional to ensure the best health care possible.”

Cynthia lives in the lovely Carolinas with her husband Larry and two teenage daughters.  She’s a Nationally-Recognized Blogger/Writer and a College-Career Specialist.

Cynthia enjoys a variety of music, watching basketball games, and performing skits and monologues.  She is available for selected media interviews. Contact her at