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Conceive After 35 and 40- Food Tip

By On August 10, 2019

Eat Like A Pregnant Mom I share this food tip from my experience and other women who conceived naturally after 35 and 40. Eat as if you are pregnant. I don’t mean… Read More


Emotional Health Tips For Your Pregnancy Over 35

By On June 22, 2019

If you’re a first time expectant mother over 35 or over 40, sometimes— finding emotional support for your pregnancy can be as be as challenging as finding an American teenager who doesn’t… Read More


Mother’s Day Survival Tips for Future Moms

By On May 9, 2019

Mother’s Day can be a difficult time for those waiting to become mothers or mums. Although I haven’t written any articles about this, I found a few posts about surviving Mother’s Day… Read More


Jill Jonas-First Time Mom Over 35 After Wrong Diagnosis

By On April 20, 2019

Name: Jill Jonas Age when you gave birth: 36 Child’s name : Dean Current or former profession(s): I have worked abroad quite a bit (Egypt, Dubai, Mexico) and international business is my… Read More


Pamper Yourself For Pregnancy After 35 or 40

By On March 25, 2019

How important is pampering yourself for pregnancy after 35 or 40? Pampering is essential because it can relieve stress. If you’ve been trying to conceive for a while, the entire progress can… Read More


Natural Pregnancy for First Time Mom/Mum Over 40

By On February 3, 2019

In this interview, first time mum/mom over 40 Natalie (pictured above with her son) of the UK shares why natural pregnancy was the only option for her and her husband. Name: Natalie… Read More