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Meet Mom Jill Jonas

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Name: Jill Jonas

Age when you gave birth: 36

Child’s name and age: Dean, 9 weeks

Current or former profession(s): I have worked abroad quite a bit (Egypt, Dubai, Mexico) and international business is my career passion. Since living in New York, I work for a medical device company.


How long were you trying to get pregnant? 

We were very fortunate and got pregnant right away in the first month we tried. We decided to try for a late spring/summer birth month and voilá! I thought it would take a couple of months at least.

However, it wasn’t completely smooth sailing at the beginning. We had two doctors tell us we weren’t pregnant and that we’d had a chemical pregnancy! Although I knew something was happening, we were in limbo for about two weeks. Finally, the HGC blood test (it test your levels 48 hours apart) results came back. My levels were rising nicely. Okay, I thought to myself, so we ARE pregnant and then glorious 9 months followed.

What did you do or not do to increase your chances of getting pregnant after 35?

We did not take my age into consideration when we were trying to conceive. It was pretty simple – I knew my cycle and we had a time frame to try. What we did not do is stress.

On another note: When I thought that we had a chemical pregnancy, it opened my eyes to how much time and effort getting pregnant could really take, as well as the emotions involved. I am very grateful to have had this realization. It makes me appreciate Dean even more.


Medical Community

How supportive were your doctors during your pregnancy?

My doctor is the one who joked with me about the AMA(advanced maternal age) he had to put after my name on my charts. He said, “for NYC you’re a baby”. So, that’s very supportive, I guess!

Did you change doctors or would like to have changed doctors? Why or why not?

I changed doctors before we conceived. I was not happy with other OBGYN’s I had gone to previously in the city. My GP (general practitioner) recommended Dr. Andrew Scheinfeld and he only takes patients who are pregnant or trying. He is an expert at pregnancy and delivering babies – which is what I wanted and what I got!

Family and Friends

What was the reaction of friends and family when you told me about your pregnancy?

My in-laws were elated and surprised. We put t-shirts on our niece and nephew with the words “number one cousins” on the front with our due date on the back. It took them a while and a little encouragement to realize what those shirts meant. Once they realized what it meant, they were ecstatic. Nothing was ever said about my age.

Jill & Baby-3

When we surprised my mother, I learned something that day. She came to New York (I’m from St Louis and that’s where most of my family lives) to visit and to celebrate her birthday with Josh (my husband) and me.  When we decided to tell her the news,  I made her a birthday cake and wrote “#1 Grandma” on it. We walked out and presented her with the cake. She was so surprised, but then noticed what was written on top.

She thought we were making fun of her age and just calling her a grandma! It turns out she wasn’t expecting me to have children.  She thought I was just focused on career and other things. Once she realized that I was pregnant, she teared up and was so happy. Even though she wanted grandchildren very much, she did not burden me with that pressure. and I am very thankful for that. I am even more thankful that she is now a Grandmother, Grammy T!

On another note, anyone who has children later in life risks losing someone close to them before it can happen. I lost my father 3 years ago to cancer. Every day I think about how he would be as a grandfather, but it wasn’t meant to be. He never put any pressure on me to have children, either. I’m sure that if he had seen “Grandpa” on his cake, I would have learned something that day, too.

Labor and Delivery

What do you remember most about the birth experience?

Luckily I remember everything. I’m not THAT old! Since we did not know the gender, the best part was hearing, “it’s a boy” and then seeing this amazing little boy held before us, behind the clear curtain. I had a gentle C- section. Dean was breech for almost the entire pregnancy. My husband and I felt like we already knew the little guy the moment we laid eyes on him!


What concerns you most about being a mom over 35 and how do you address these concerns?

Having a second child. I don’t think I will have time to mentally prepare for that, before it is a little too late. Another concern is one that any parent has, being around for them as long as possible.  This motivates me to stay fit and healthy.

What do you enjoy most about being an older mom?

I’m just enjoying being a mom! You cannot truly describe the feelings it brings or the experience with words. It’s the best thing I have ever had the privilege to do.

How has becoming a mom changed you?

Everything has a bit more meaning. Also, I’m much better utilizing the time that I have everyday. It’s hard to procrastinate these days!

What advice do you have for women considering motherhood after 35?

Don’t read (focus) too much into what you read about– articles like if it is the best time for you to try for a family or to add to your family. Do it your way and don’t let anyone tell you how you should feel or what you should fear.

Jill & Baby -2InSeason Mom Founder Cynthia would like to thank Jill for sharing her story!  Are you over 35 or in your 40s trying to conceive or first time mom to be? Could use emotional support from a woman who’s been through what you’re going through? Get live support from Cynthia

Meet Mom Karen Abercrombie, Actress,Singer-Songwriter,Speaker, Producer

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Name: Karen Abercrombie

Age when you gave birth: 39

Residence: North Carolina and Los Angeles, CA

Child’s name: Michael, currently a college student

Current profession(s): Actress (Miss Clara from War Room Movie), Singer-Songwriter, Storyteller, Motivational Speaker, Producer at Tapestry Entertainment


How long were you trying to get pregnant?

Oh my, I was trying around 6 years.

What did you do to increase your chances of getting pregnant after 35?

You know people tell you about natural ways to stimulate the ovaries. I did a lot of teas. I stayed in the best optimum physical shape as I could. And, my husband and I were checked out a couple of times by doctors to make sure (our health) everything was good.


Medical Community

How supportive were your doctors during your pregnancy?

My doctors were extremely supportive. They were helpful. Sometimes, the medical community is overwhelmed. So, it’s a quick “hi” and “see you tomorrow.” But, my doctors were helpful, warm, loving and engaging.

Family and Friends

What was the reaction of friends and family when you told them about your pregnancy?

They were all pretty much blown away and excited. I taught children’s theatre. I was very active in the community with youth and children. I’ve always loved children and everyone knew that. I was honored to be the godmother for a bunch of children. But still inside, I wanted my own. My family and friends were rallying and rooting for me to become pregnant.


What do you remember most about the birth experience?

Oh my goodness, I was in labor for 28 hours!  I got to 7cm. Then after all that time, they decided to do a C-section. I wish they had done it sooner but the baby was getting stressed. Then I said, “okay, do it.”


What concerns you most about being a mom over 35 and how do you address these concerns?

The only thing is my husband and I are older and my child is an only child. Of course, if you can be there with him forever, you would. But, there have been so many benefits. Having a younger child at my age, I’m current— in technology, lingo and everything.

I’ve always kept myself in shape. I hiked until I was 8 months pregnant. I lived out in LA during that time. They have wild cats up in their hills. So, when I hiked, I took my dog, baby in the womb, a weapon (for wild cats) because I wasn’t as fast as I used to be.   I exercised throughout my pregnancy. After my baby was born, I continued to take care of myself and bounced back quickly.  I’ve kept up my exercise and still take care of myself.

How has becoming a mom changed you? What do you enjoy most about being an older mom?

I’m wiser and more settled. I prayed to have a baby for what seemed like forever. After my son was born, my career picked up. But, I made a decision to slow things down. I wanted to be a “hands-on” mother, to concentrate and raise the gift God gave me.

Becoming a mother allowed me to understand God’s love better, the unconditional love He has for me. He not only gave me the gift of His Son but He gave me the gift of my son. So, I could know the mother to child love.

What advice do you have for women considering motherhood after 35?

Be in the best physical shape as possible, first and foremost.  Motherhood takes a lot of energy. You can see it wearing out younger mothers. Once you’re in good physical health, you can work on the mental part and everything that goes along with it. I made it a point to stay in shape and trust God to guide me.

Visit Karen’s website to learn more about her. Meanwhile, check out the clip below of her outstanding portrayal of Miss Clara in the movie War Room.

Meet Mom Cat

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Name:  Cat

Age when you gave birth: 40

State of residence:  Hawaii

Child’s name : Sagan

Current profession:  Entrepreneur, vocal coach/mentor


How long were you trying to get pregnant?  

I was trying 14 months.

What did you do or not do to increase your chances of getting pregnant after 40?

After the first three months of trying, I started eating healthier, eliminated coffee–my weakness.  I walked a mile to work almost daily for seven months. I aimed to stay calm and not stress so much while working with Cynthia(coaching services) at InSeason Mom to gain perspective. As we approached the one year-mark with no pregnancy, I tried acupuncture.  After two acupuncture treatments, we visited my OB for an annual exam, and my OB recommended a fertility specialist. We booked the specialist not knowing I was already pregnant! When I later tested positive, we were elated! Call it serendipity, our patience paid off!  I continued with acupuncture until my daughter’s delivery.


How supportive were your doctors during your pregnancy? 

My OB had no qualms about me trying acupuncture. She pushed us to start conceiving ASAP when she knew I was 38. She warned me it might take some time.  She was super-supportive yet matter-of-fact. It was tough to hear the truth but we took the risk any way!

Did you change doctors or would like to have changed doctors? Why or why not?

We had a good relationship with our doctor, and we trusted her. It took me years to find just the right one.  I believe that when the hope of having a child grew strong in our hearts, we were led to her. Word-of-mouth!  She was perfect for us.

What was the reaction of friends and family when you told me about your pregnancy?

Absolutely ecstatic! My mom laughed and cried.  My younger brother didn’t believe me; he figured that after 39 years, having no children thus far, that children were not in my future.  Was he in shock, but he was extremely happy! Our circle was very supportive. In fact, a few of my friends are having their first children after 35.  What’s “normal” anyway?


What do you remember most about the birth experience?

Our baby came on her due date. We had a great staff. We thought we were going to lose our daughter when she went under fetal distress early on. So I stayed open to the process and had an epidural.  I learned to trust the experts and my doctor; they were fabulous. I allowed them to use their wisdom and experience to allow my baby to come through.  Her health and safety were my number one concern! My husband was super-supportive and never left my side. It took work, patience, and an openness to do whatever was necessary to deliver the child. I gave birth naturally and was mostly surrounded women in the birthing process. This reminded me of how strong women truly are… it takes a village.

I’M A MOMCatbaby6n

What concerns you most about being a mom over 35 and how do you address these concerns?

My only concern is that I have the energy, strength, and will to be the parent she needs. Besides that, I’d like to live as long as possible to be there for all her critical moments, her firsts, her successes, and even her disappointments. The world is changing so quickly but I want her to inherit some good common sense and be equipped to handle things.  Being 40 means she has a great mentor, teacher, and a never-ending well of support, love and care.

What do you enjoy most about being an older mom?

I have no urge to party or impress others. I am calm, more patient.  I know my priorities and enjoy the quiet, sacred moments, and I can say “no” to things. I choose my time with her and my husband with a level of wisdom and freedom that I would not have had at a younger age.  I know myself. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.  In fact, this is a new chapter I am embracing wholeheartedly. I feel I can mentor her and love her on a level that my parents did not.  We (my husband and I) can create a new reality and family dynamic.  I’m glad I worked on my career when I did because now I can enjoy the fresh air of parenthood by slowing down and being engaged more consciously.  I feel I’ve earned it. And I’m still learning!  Oprah Winfrey once said: “You can have it all.  Just not all at once.”

How has becoming a mom changed you?

You learn “selflessness” very quickly, and I look at my child and want to give her the world.  Time is precious, especially when you run a business like I do. You manage your time more intentionally and learn to focus on what matters. You find a way to sacrifice certain things and make things happen!  Raising a child is a privilege and a blessing.

What advice do you have for women considering motherhood after 35? 

Go for it.  Don’t waste time on the past.  Get healthy, stay healthy, and surround yourself with people who support your Path. By all means, look at your options, there is no one way to conception.  And have a life!  It’s when you least expect it to happen that the miracle happens!

InSeason Mom Founder Learns Life Lessons At Photo Shoot

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Hi I’m Cynthia, founder of InSeason Mom and pictured above. For some time now, I’ve secretly wanted to do a photo shoot. When talented photographer Grace-Given (Jimmie Basco) presented the opportunity, I hesitated. Then I decided not to give in to my fear and to fulfill my long-awaited wish.

I asked my best friend Lisa to accompany me for moral support. Little did I know she would not only provide moral support but she would provide much needed technique support. lisa_009-edit

My friend Lisa pictured above 

As Jimmie, the photographer, suggested certain poses to get the best shot, I discovered something about me: I was as stiff as a board when it came to looking relaxed and natural in front of the camera! (I’ve heard previous comments about my stiffness when I’m dancing from one of my teenage daughters.)photoshot3_n

While he coached me along, Lisa, used her background as a former model, to demonstrate what he wanted.  Listening to what Jimmie said and looking at what Lisa did, I learned 3 life lessons:

1-Be willing to listen and learn from a variety of supportive people/mentors

Whether your goal is to become an InSeason Mom or to advance in your career, your success does not hinge on your knowledge alone. Gain knowledge from several resources. Then apply that knowledge to move forward.

2-Appreciate Your Own Uniqueness

All of us have something about us physically that we would like to change. Yet, this very thing adds to our uniqueness.  What’s even more amazing to me is with 7+ billion people in the world, you will never run into anyone who is exactly like you. Science says two people cannot have the same DNA, even identical twins. To me this means that the God of the Universe thought you were such a great treasure that He created only one “you.”


3-What You Feel Inside Will Show Outside

“Think about Larry,” said either Jimmie or Lisa during the photo shoot. Larry is my husband. Until then, I was thinking about unfinished work I had to do. And, my thoughts were showing in my eyes and in the camera lens. Soon my eyes lit up with thoughts of Larry. I would encourage you to make it a regular practice to replace defeating negative thoughts with uplifting positive thoughts.

Thanks Lisa and photographer Grace-Given (Jimmie Basco) for making my first photo shoot fun and for helping me to learn a few life lessons in the process!