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Meet Mom Cat

By On December 23, 2016

  Name:  Cat Age when you gave birth: 40 State of residence:  Hawaii Child’s name : Sagan Current profession:  Entrepreneur, vocal coach/mentor PREGNANCY How long were you trying to get pregnant?   I was… Read More


Meet Laurie-Conceives Naturally After 25 Years of Infertility

By On May 10, 2016

Name:  Laurie Age:  46 State of residence:  California Child’s name: Melissa Current or former profession(s):  Human Resources Manager (I initially quit my job when I got married in 2011, and I got pregnant 6 weeks after marriage! )… Read More



By On March 8, 2016

Name: Lizzie Lau Age When You Gave Birth: 44 State of residence: California Daughter’s name and age: Ebi 4 Current/Former profession: Writer   Ex Skydiver, Shark Feeder, Motocross Racer, Retired Chef PREGNANCY… Read More


When Everyone’s Getting Pregnant After 35 After 40 Except You

By On August 4, 2014

Throughout the years, you’ve held onto your faith. But lately, you’ve started to think your waiting for a baby is in vain. What’s even worst is that regardless of where you go,… Read More

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By On February 16, 2014

“At the age of 36, Eric (age 25) and I were married on August 29, 1998.  He was 11 years younger.  And yes, I was a cougar before the term “cougar” was… Read More

Featured Moms


By On January 1, 2014

  Name: Anita Age: 54 State of residence: Virginia Children: Hayley was born in 1995. Kelly was born in 1998. Mallory was born in 2000. Current or former profession(s): I have a… Read More