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“Advanced Maternal Age” outdated term

By On March 15, 2016

This morning it occurred to me that the term “advanced maternal age” is as outdated/antiquated as the term “old maid or spinster.” In the medical community, if a woman becomes pregnant or… Read More


Katherine- Baby After 35 After Chemical Pregnancy

By On October 5, 2015

Name: Katherine Age: 40 Current Resident of: Arizona Child name and age: Samara Rose – 11 months PREGNANCY What did you do or not do to increase your chances of getting pregnant after… Read More


Surprise Pregnancy Over 40!

By On August 20, 2011

InSeason Mom is dedicated to women over the 35 and 40 who are fearful of having a baby because they view the common misconceptions as truth. My goal is to ease their fear… Read More