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Joan’s Pregnancy Over 35 Proves 3 Doctors Wrong

By On February 21, 2017

Name:  Joan Age when you gave birth:  Less than a week from 39 years old when I gave birth to my son State of residence:  Michigan Current or former profession(s):  Photographer, Blogger,… Read More


Kristin Beltaos-First Time Mom Over 35 After Turmoil

By On December 17, 2016

Conceiving a child is more than just a bunch of numbers and statistics, it’s about the possibility, not probability that matters – Krisitn Beltaos. Name: Krisitn Beltaos State of Residence: Minnesota Children:… Read More


Dinah Cicenas Surprise Pregnancy & Blessing at 39

By On October 9, 2016

Name: Dinah Meyer Cicenas Age when you gave birth: 39 (Son born only days before 40th birthday) State of residence: Ohio Child’s name: John Current Profession: Associate Professor of Psychology, Licensed Psychologist PREGNANCY… Read More


Ireland’s Claire B. Hegarty Over 40 Pregnancy

By On November 9, 2015

Name: Claire B. Hegarty Age when you gave birth: 41 Residence: Dublin in the Republic of Ireland Child’s name: Ciarán (pronounced Cirawn) Current or former profession(s): I am on a career break… Read More


Katherine- Baby After 35 After Chemical Pregnancy

By On October 5, 2015

Name: Katherine Age: 40 Current Resident of: Arizona Child name and age: Samara Rose – 11 months PREGNANCY What did you do or not do to increase your chances of getting pregnant after… Read More

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New York’s Lisa Bruchac- Healthy Pregnancy Over 40

By On December 30, 2013

                                 Name: Lisa Bruchac Age:  43 State of residency: New York Current or former profession(s): Speech Pathologist;… Read More