About/Meet Author Cynthia

Thanks so much for visiting InSeason Mom.  I got married for the first time at age 40 to my best male friend Larry. My engagement to marriage story has all of the humor and drama that would make a great made for tv a movie!  

I conceived naturally and gave birth at age 42 to a beautiful healthy baby girl. At age 44, I was blessed to do a repeat, natural conception and gave birth to another beautiful healthy baby girl.

What I Discovered During My Over 40 Pregnancy

What I discovered during my pregnancies (and what is still prevalent)

1-The population of first time moms over 35 and 40 was growing. 

2- Too few health care providers offered positive support for older expectant moms.

3- Many people accepted commonly held misconceptions about pregnancy and motherhood over 40 as facts.  

Mission: Positive Support for Pregnant First Time Moms 35+

After what I discovered during my over 40 pregnancy, I wanted to offer positive emotional support for first time pregnant moms over 35. Combining my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications with my professional writing experience, I created InSeason Mom website in 2006. 

Also, I wrote, marketed and taught Ease Your Fear of Giving Birth After 35, a class for expectant parents at a major hospital!   

Not a Medical Professional But A Former Childbirth Educator

The major hospital not only allowed me to teach the class Ease Your Fear of Giving Birth After 35, they trained me as a Childbirth Educator, too. I’ll always be grateful to them for the training and experience. Although I am no longer a childbirth educator, I still work in education.

InSeason Mom website is for inspirational and informational purposes only. InSeason Mom is not a substitute for medical advice. 

I don’t tell women to wait until age 35 or even 40 to conceive because one woman’s season to become a mother may be different than another woman’s. I do serve as a positive resource for older women who want to become moms. I share the successful conception, pregnancy and birth stories of first time moms over 35 or 40.

My goal for InSeason Mom is to ease the fears of first time moms over 35 as they work with their health-care providers to ensure the best health care possible!