InSeason Mom

Cynthia Wilson James is the publisher and founder of InSeason Mom. InSeason Mom has been featured by CBS New York and NBC News as a leading resource for first-time moms over 35. Cynthia shares her story to encourage a new generation of women who want to become moms.

I got married for the first time at age 40 to my best male friend Larry. My engagement to wedding story has all of the comedy and drama that would make a great feel-good movie! He called me at 3 in the morning to confess his love for me. Despite all the twists and turns, our friendship survived and our love grew! 

I conceived naturally and gave birth at age 42 to a beautiful healthy baby girl. The joy I felt can only be compared to the joy I felt when at age 44, I was blessed to give birth to another beautiful healthy baby girl– conceived through natural conception. 


What I Discovered During My Over 40 Pregnancy And Is Still True Today

What I discovered during my pregnancy:

1-The population of first-time moms over 35 and 40 was growing.
2- Too few healthcare providers offered positive support for older pregnant moms.
3- Too many people accepted commonly held misconceptions about pregnancy and motherhood over 40 as facts.

Mission: Positive Support for Pregnant First Time Moms 35+ 

After what I discovered during my over-40 pregnancy, I decided to offer positive emotional support for first-time pregnant moms over 35. Combining my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications with my professional writing experience, I created InSeason Mom website in 2006. Also, I wrote, marketed, and taught Ease Your Fear of Giving Birth After 35, a class for expectant parents at a major hospital!

Not a Medical Professional But A Former Childbirth Educator

Remember the hospital that allowed me to teach the class Ease Your Fear of Giving Birth After 35? They trained me as a Childbirth Educator. I’ll always be grateful to them. Although I am no longer a childbirth educator, I have a career in education that I love.

I don’t tell women to wait until age 35 or even 40 to conceive because one woman’s season to become a mother may be different than another woman’s. I do serve as a positive resource for first-time moms over 35 or 40 by sharing successful conception and birth stories of women, like myself and through one-on-one coaching/teaching/mentoring.

InSeason Mom website is for inspirational and informational purposes only. InSeason Mom is not a substitute for medical advice.

My goal for InSeason Mom is to ease the fears of first-time moms over 35 as they work with their healthcare providers to ensure the best healthcare possible!