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First Time Mom Over 40 Jacqueline J. Holness

Jacqueline – weeks before giving birth to twins Age you gave birth: I was 47 years old when I got pregnant and 48 years old when I gave birth to my twin girls Michaela and Mattison. State/Country of residence: Georgia Current or former profession:  Writer Website: PREGNANCY Michaela and Mattison pictured-reproducing of photo prohibited […]

Natural Pregnancy Over 40 First time Mum/Mom Natalie

Natalie shares her uplifting pregnancy and birth story as a first time mom over 40, an InSeasonMom! Age you gave birth: 42 State/Country of residence: UK Child’s name: Ralph  Current or former profession(s): Assistant Producer (Broadcast Television); a Stay-at-Home mum (at the time of this interview)  PREGNANCY What did you do or not do to […]